Case studies

Success stories

These stories show how surgery for lymphoedema at Oxford Lymphoedema Practice can be life-changing. Please note that the names of our patients have been changed to protect their confidentiality.

Mary’s Story

Mary is a 54 year-old lady who came to see us regarding the lymphoedema in her left leg. Almost twenty years previously she had been diagnosed with cancer…

Lauren’s Story

Lauren (not her real name) was a 68 year-old retired lady who came to our clinic ten months after completing treatment for breast cancer.

Jane’s Story

“When I was first diagnosed the local lymphoedema nurse told me I’d have to wear compression all day everyday for the rest of my life so this is a big success for me.”

Diane’s Story

Diane is a 44 year-old lady who came to see us regarding the lymphoedema in her left arm. Two years previously she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had both surgery…

Sarah’s Story

“The surgeons at the Manor are fantastic. Dominic and Alex make a skillful and pioneering team and both are very respectful, polite and put you at your ease.”

Patient stories

Keith’s story

Sues story

Kim’s story


Many thanks for your wonderful service. You’ve changed my life by correcting my painful lymphoedema. Coming to see you was the best thing. All my thanks for making such a difference to my and our lives.


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