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Surgical treatment of lymphoedema

At Oxford Lymphoedema Practice, we are passionate about improving the quality of life of patients with lymphoedema. We pride ourselves on providing excellent care for everyone with lymphoedema.

Everyone is an individual, and no single treatment is suitable for all patients. We are world experts in the management of lymphoedema, and we are able to tailor our treatment recommendations to your circumstances.

How we can help

Find out how Oxford Lymphoedema Practice can help control, manage and reduce the effect of Lymphoedema on your life. 


Proven and effective care for the treatment of lymphoedema - Lymphovenous anastomosis (LVA), Vascularized lymphnode transfer (VLNT) and Liposuction for lymphoedema (SAPL).


The UK’s first screening programme for Lymphedema in high risk patients.


A patient focussed and ground breaking approach to the care of your lymphoedema.

Patient stories

Hear from patients how lymphoedema surgery has changed their lives. 

Keith’s story

Sues story

Kim’s story

Patient care

The decision to undergo surgery for lymphoedema is an important step. Every patient is individual and your decision to proceed with surgery will be made on the basis of your discussion with the surgeons at OLP as to the type of operation that is best suited for you.



Average 50% decrease in limb volume compared to unaffected arm.


of patients were able to stop wearing compression garments on the arm.


Average 41% decrease in limb volume compared to unaffected leg.


of patients could reduce or stop compression on the leg.

Case studies

Lauren’s story

Lauren (not her real name) was a 68 year-old retired lady who came to our clinic ten months after completing treatment for breast cancer.

Gill’s Story

Gill (59 years old) came to us having had breast cancer 2018 and lymphoedema starting in 2020. By the time she saw us in 2021 her right arm was already 13.4% bigger than her left.

Jane's Story

“When I was first diagnosed the local lymphoedema nurse told me I'd have to wear compression all day everyday for the rest of my life so this is a big success for me.”

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