Diane’s story

Diane is a 44 year-old lady who came to see us regarding the lymphoedema in her left arm. Two years previously she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had both surgery and radiotherapy to the lymph glands in her left armpit. Her arm was fine until just a couple of months before her appointment at the Oxford Lymphoedema Practice, when she noticed pain and swelling. She had been to see a lymphoedema practitioner and been fitted with a compression sleeve, but wanted to explore other treatment options.

The full story

Diane and her husband came to a consultation with Alex at the Oxford Lymphoedema Practice. Alex listened to her medical history and discussed both why lymphoedema happens, and Diane’s concerns regarding the future. He then carefully examined and measured Diane’s arm. This showed mild lymphoedema with a small amount of swelling. Diane then underwent ICG Lymphography, which demonstrated the lymphoedema, and guided Alex’s treatment recommendation. Diane and her husband then had an opportunity to discuss the operation, recovery, and likely outcomes.

Diane decided to go ahead with LVA surgery. She underwent the operation under local anaesthetic (meaning she was awake during the procedure), with both Alex and Dominic operating on her arm at the same time. This meant her operation proceeded rapidly, and she was able to go home on the same day.

Diane’s post-operative recovery was simple, and she was reviewed in clinic three months after the operation. She was already showing improvement in how her arm felt, and her measurements showed that her left arm was slightly smaller than her right arm. After six months, she began to gradually reduce the amount of time she wore her compression sleeve. When she was last seen in clinic two years after her surgery, her arm remained smaller than the right side, despite her not wearing a compression sleeve. Diane feels that the operation has transformed her life, giving her renewed hope for a bright future free from swelling.



It would be impossible for me to fully explain the difference that the improvement in my Lymphedema has made to my quality of life so far - Thank you!



Please thank Mr Gore who saw me for his very helpful letter, it is good to know that there is somewhere to turn to for clarity on lymphoedema



I think the service you have given me has been the best medical experience I have ever had, the team is very professional but with a really great empathy for the patient which makes one feel very comfortable and cared for.



My left leg is still staying soft and maintaining a good shape. I have noticed a reduction in my thigh area recently just by looking!



The surgery has made a big difference to my mobility, which has enabled me to do things that I want to do. The pain has lessened, which has improved my quality of life. Everyone in the practice I've had contact with has been kind and understanding. They've worked hard to make things better for me.



Many thanks for your wonderful service. You've changed my life by correcting my painful lymphoedema. Coming to see you was the best thing. All my thanks for making such a difference to my and our lives.


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Understanding Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a disorder of the lymphatic system. This system is a natural circulation system in the body that helps to remove waste and cleanse the body. Often people only...

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