Our patients at Oxford Lymphoedema Practice are treated with the highest possible standards and offered support throughout their care in a professional and friendly manner. Here are some testimonials from patients treated by our surgeons.

Please thank Mr Gore who saw me for his very helpful letter, it is good to know that there is somewhere to turn to for clarity on lymphoedema

Patient AC

Many thanks for your wonderful service. You've changed my life by correcting my painful lymphoedema. Coming to see you was the best thing. All my thanks for making such a difference to my and our lives.

Patient SK

We were reviewing our highlights of last year, and for me having this surgery was right up there with a helicopter flight over New York

Patient CM

As for the surgery itself, the effects were immediate, in that further swelling in my leg was curtailed from that point forward and the size has continued to decrease to the extent that in both appearance and flexibility it is now not visibly much different to the left. I have resumed all normal activities. I would definitely recommend this procedure!

Patient LP

I was so lucky to find two brilliant surgeons who had travelled the World to learn their technique

Patient SD

it would be impossible for me to fully explain the difference that the improvement in my Lymphoedema has made to my quality of life so far - Thank you! 

Patient LF

Feel more positive about my arm - feels softer, lighter, less painful by the end of the day (especially working or driving). No adverse effects from surgery and optimistic about outcome. I would definitely recommend this service.

Patient SM

Thank you all again for giving us such an incredible day...one that we will remember for a very long time

Visiting Lymphoedema Practitioners

Simply enthused about the impact it's had for me - favourite sandals worn this weekend & my work shoes are comfortable again! It just gets better and better! 

Patient DL

It was almost completely painless....I had a good night's sleep and hardly felt sore at all. I have already noticed improvement in the swelling in the forearm. It has given me confidence that eventually I may be able to leave off the uncomfortable sleeve, and stop worrying about making the swelling worse.

Patient JR

My left leg is still staying soft and maintaining a good shape. I have noticed a reduction in my thigh area recently just by looking!

Patient PH

I’m still very pleased with the operation.  My arm is definitely softer and lighter, my hand is no longer swollen, and the effect on my psychological health has been fantastic. 

Patient JL

A huge thank you to you all for everything you have done for me, it has made such a difference to my outlook for my future. 

Patient ER

I was so delighted to meet Mr Ramsden. One of the major things about my appointment, he listened and advised. Thank-you again for all you have done.

Patient MC

The surgery has made a big difference to my mobility, which has enabled me to do things that I want to do. The pain has lessened, which has improved my quality of life. Everyone in the practice I've had contact with has been kind and understanding. They've worked hard to make things better for me.

Patient VS

I wish some of my other doctors were like this.  Honestly if ever in my life I was unfortunate to have cancer I'd be back in a shot to prevent lymphoedema.

Patient MB

I think the service you have given me has been the best medical experience I have ever had, the team is very professional but with a really great empathy for the patient which makes one feel very comfortable and cared for.

Patient DP

She has been given the confidence to do so much more, to stop feeling like an invalid, to start to put the cancer and its after effects behind her and to really get a grip on her life again. 

Sister of GT

I consider that the surgery was straightforward and a very short recovery period. I have noticed that I have more mobility in my knee, and that I am able to wear ordinary shoes again - such a bonus! I feel that the operation has had a positive effect. Doctors and PA wonderful and friendly too.

Patient DL

Post op three months, I am now starting to see improvement, particularly to the upper thigh. The overall feeling has improved, and the swelling has reduced.

Patient EF

I wish we could have this guidance for all our patients

NHS Lymphoedema Practitioner

I'm very pleased to say that my arm has improved considerably since my surgery in April! I'm still wearing a compression garment, but not having to wear finger bandaging 24 hours a day anymore, the size of my arm has reduced and is much softer and the pain has greatly reduced too. 

Patient LF

I feel that things have improved as I had gone more than three months with no cellulitis attacks. I have not been taking antibiotics during this time.

Patient MC

Just a little note to say a big thank-you for all your kindness and support. Your team have given me such a boost.......I'm so grateful that people such as you are around and have taken a serious interest in a condition which rumbles on below the radar, offering sufferers a light at the end of the tunnel. Excellent patient care in all aspects.

Patient DP

I just wish I could see more Dr's who are as approachable and helpful as Mr Ramsden. We are both pleased that we came to the Oxford Lymphoedema Practice.

Patient SD

You have made a massive difference to me now - I can wear skirts and dresses again, and wear high heels. When I get older, I don't have to worry about having swollen, uncomfortable legs. I am so pleased I had it done.

Patient KT

Six months on, and I definitely made the right decision. All my clothes and shoes fit again, and my leg is almost back to normal. I'm looking forward to the future.

Patient KB

It's the best thing I've ever done. If I were to be diagnosed with cancer again and have lymph nodes removed, I would be very proactive about going for screening as soon as possible. I would recommend that to everybody.

Patient SD