At the Oxford Lymphoedema Practice, we are committed to constantly reviewing our results to improve the outcomes of our surgery. We understand that the problems caused by lymphoedema go far beyond the physical effects of having a limb that is increased in size. The psychological aspects of suffering from lymphoedema are just as important - for example many patients with lymphoedema secondary to cancer treatment tell us that their swollen limb is a constant reminder of the fact that they have suffered from cancer. Indeed, some patients say that the lymphoedema is worse than having the cancer in the first place. This is why we don't just measure limb volumes, we also monitor the effects of our surgery on both lymphoedema specific quality of life, and general quality of life.

Our Results

In secondary lymphoedema at an average of 5 months post-operative follow-up, our results show that on average:

  • ​Lymphoedema specific quality of life increased by 26%
  • General quality of life increased by 30%
  • Average excess volume reduction was 52.6%
  • 83% of limbs show improvement in volume compared to pre-op

"52.6% reduction in excess limb volume"


"30% increase in

quality of life"