International Patients

Our International Service

We pride ourselves in the care we take of all of our patients, including international patients for whom we are able to offer a unique and bespoke service.

As an international patient we offer a preliminary Skype (or Facetime) call with one of our surgeons in order to briefly assess the possibility of whether you may be suitable for surgery. This is not a guarantee of suitability but gives an indication of whether surgery would be possible or not, and whether you should come to Oxford for a consultation.

Following a positive outcome of the call, we can then offer a highly personal and dedicated service. One of our surgeons would see you in clinic on Monday, assess and confirm your suitability for surgery and undertake an ICG Lymphography scan to confirm the diagnosis, and plan the surgery for the following day.

If you are suitable for surgery both surgeons would then operate on you the next day (Tuesday). You would stay in hospital for one night post surgery and then be discharged back to your hotel on the Wednesday. You would remain in Oxford relaxing and enjoying the sights of the Oxford area for the following few days. The surgeons would see you in clinic the following Tuesday (one week after your operation) to ensure things are beginning to heal well and after this appointment you will be discharged from our care and are free to return home. You will need to arrange to have your sutures removed by your local doctor or nurse, or if you prefer to stay in Oxford, you can be seen by our nurse or one of our surgeons for suture removal two weeks after the operation.

At an extra cost, we can arrange the following extras to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  1. Transfers from the airport to your hotel of choice
  2. Your hotel stay in one of the boutique hotels in Oxford
  3. Bookings in a variety of Oxford’s excellent Restaurants, on the days you require
  4. Chauffeur driven tours of the Oxford area, including the Cotswolds and Bicester Shopping Village. 
international patients

We are able to offer a unique and bespoke service to our International patients.

International patients

We can arrange your stay at one of Oxford's boutique hotels.